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Local Regulated Taxi Rates

Our rates are regulated by local laws and cost the exact same as any other taxi, but our luxurious cars and great service is what makes us different!

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  • $2.50 per mile (.50 per 1/5 mile)
  • $2.50 first 1/5 mile
  • $1.00 9 pm - 6 am surcharge for night service per trip
  • $1.00 per extra person and children 6 and under are free.
  • $0.50 per every 80 seconds wait time
  • Tolls are not included and are additional.
  • $2.00 RIC Airport Pick Up Access fee and $10.00 minimum from airport
  • Child Safety Seats returned for you at no charge. Call us for details.
  • Delivery courier service is available. Discounts may be available.
  • Click "Longer Distances" for selected cities long distance.
    Flat Rates are available on travel outside of the Richmond Metro Region. Flat rates and meter rates do not include gratuities for the driver. Tipping your driver is encouraged as this is an American custom and your generosity should be based on the level of service received from your driver.
    We do not set the taxi rates we charge as we are regulated same as a public utility. All licensed local taxis have the exact same rates as any other, no extra fees, no minimums, no booking or reservation fees, no surcharges! In many cases, we are finding our rates to be cheaper than what Uber and Lyft acknowledge that they are charging because of all their add on fees, particularly their added surcharges. Taxi Rates are approved by the local Board of Supervisors and Richmond City Council in the areas we serve and current rates have not changed since 2009. All taxis in this region are obligated by local ordinance to charge the set rates and not charge above or below the posted rates for travel inside the region. Our rates for long distances are much more flexible as your destination will be considered outside the local REGULATED region and therefore not subject to the rate controls for the metro region. We appreciate your understanding.
                                                                                                                                  All licensed taxi drivers in our region are required to have in plain view their taxi operator's license which will state on the license issued by HENRICO COUNTY, CHESTERFIELD COUNTY or the CITY OF RICHMOND. Please do not accept a ride from any taxi OR any vehicle operating as if a taxi if the driver can not show you a valid permit from one of these areas. Remember it is these permits that let you know you are riding with a safe police background checked driver in a public safety checked vehicle also done by the police department. Uber and Lyft DO NOT do this! Please be kind to your driver by remembering open containers of alcohol are not allowed in the vehicles. Be generous to your driver by tipping as taxi drivers do not earn hourly wages and work as independent contractors either by leasing or owning the vehicle you are riding in. They depend on your patronage and gratuities, not an employer to support their families and themselves.


   Please call us if you have any questions or would like more information about our rates and services.  

We hope you'll call us and thanks for visiting us at Gentleman Taxi!